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Modern web design and a solid collection of essay samples. This is what is waiting for you here. This is a wrong place to find a personal tutor or order a paper. The main goal of the service is to help its clients by offering useful tools and effective tips. You can easily find the inspiration for writing your next paper. Check the possible topics for your essays and research papers. It is also a great place to find that helpful tip that can make you a more productive student.


So, what is it exactly that has to offer? They claim that with their help it is easy to start and finish your paper. Just type in a word in a search field and you will find numerous papers on the topic of your interest. As you are working on your own project, it is useful to check what are the points of views others have. This service gives you such an opportunity.

Instant Feedback

If you are not sure about the grammar of your paper or have a vague understanding of what formatting style to use, you can upload your text and get an instant feedback. The writers will check if there is a clear logic behind the presentation of your thoughts. Your goal is to make the content as clear as possible. Here you can get urgent help with that.

Database of Essays

When you have no idea of what your essay should look like, it is helpful to look at the papers of other students. You can search through the database of essays here and find a paper on a similar topic. After entering a keyword in the search field, you will see a long list of essays that might be interesting for you. You can open or download it to your computer.

There are different categories of papers marked with colors- good essays, better essays, strong essays, powerful essays. It is helpful to make the right choice. If you don’t know the appropriate keyword to do the search, you can look through the types of essays (argumentative, persuasive, etc.) or topics (health care, social issues, etc.)

Helpful Tips and Tricks

This section of gives students multiple tips on writing introductions and conclusions, formatting their papers, and following grammar rules. If you don’t know what kind of structure an analytical essay should have, you will find the answers to your questions here.

Writing Tools

Plagiarism and grammar checkers are at your service. You can find out if there are some major errors in your essay or if it’s original. Keep in mind that you can’t use the text from the essay examples you see on this website. They are here just to read, not to copy.


Anyone can donate a paper. The main condition is for you to be the author of the paper you submit. You should know that even after you donate an essay, you still maintain the copyrights. To avoid all the plagiarism issues, you need to cite the sources you used from this website if any. There is an option of getting an access to the database of research papers that is not free. You have to create an account and make a payment.


When you subscribe to this service, there is a monthly fee that you will have to pay. If you don’t inform the service about your wish to unsubscribe, the subscription fees will be automatically renewed. There is an option to choose your preferred payment method. You will get an electronic receipt after the transaction. They will send it to your email address. There is no option for refunds when it comes to the subscription fees.


In case you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach the support team via mail or email:

By mail:
1680 Vine Street Suite 1200
Hollywood, CA 90028

By email:

Writers and Quality of Papers

If you read the “Terms of Service” section carefully, you will find out that the service is not responsible for the quality of papers and the information they include. Any writer is free to donate his/her. This is why there are different categories you can browse to find the kind of paper sample you need. Quality is not the key factor in a sample paper, though. You can’t use it anyway. The main idea behind these papers is to give you an inspiration, make the brainstorming process less difficult. Browse through the great number of samples to find what you need.

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