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The peculiarity of the service is the fact that it works without the go-between party which is traditionally a support service directly with the writers. Online specialists will take care of correctness, uniqueness, and originality of your papers. The writers are highly qualified specialists who can write different essays, book reports, research papers, term papers, reviews, resumes, case studies, speeches, presentations, thesis papers for clients. On the website, there are great samples of various written works. Service can guarantee 100 % confidentiality and security for the customers. If you need some additional help with your assignments, you must communicate with the specialists directly via chat or e-mail: directly to the writer. They will be glad to help you at any moment.


There are 4 special features on the web, a blog and so on. This is a really innovative academic writing resource that is made to simplify the process of communication between the customers and writers and the ordering process to make it even easier to work with the web as the whole. There is a video guide on the web and appealing data, etc. When you work and surf the web, you will definitely be amused by the funny features and interesting design of the web.

You are free to choose an expert to help you with an assignment. There are different categories and different systems of pricing. Despite the fact that it may sound confusing, the process is transparent and clear. You can plan the budget according to your needs and expectations. All the forms you will have to fill out are simple and easy to understand. You will not spend too much time getting your head around them. If you do have questions, the support team is available around the clock. they can guide you through the webs of placing an order and choosing an expert to cooperate with on your assignment.


According to the statistics and basing on the numerous testimonials, the service has the highest rates of satisfaction, lowest prices in the academic writing market, security, confidentiality, and money back are also guaranteed. It offers such writing categories with the widest essay and paper assortment as case studies, coursework, cv writing, dissertation, essays and homework, personal statement, presentation writing, reports, research papers, review and speech and many other.

This is perhaps the most interesting and appealing service on the net for students you have ever seen. The huge and perhaps the major advantage of the service is its simplicity and easiness of use which will be clear even for the dummy. Attachment to the popular social networks also works so you can share everything immediately with your friends. Which is more important is the fact that at it is possible to pick the author of the paper personally from the list of available writers that suits your niche and academic level.


With the flowing service, you are welcome to get your paper written starting at $7.50 per page despite academic level and complexity, urgency, etc. of the order. In this case, you will have a good chance of saving your money for relaxation and fun. Fair and clear politics and fund management. The prices are flexible and you are free to choose the option that fits your expectations and needs the most.

There are writers with more years of experience than others and, therefore, will charge more for their services. It does not mean that these writers will cope with your assignment better. The process of finding the perfect balance between pricing and quality can take a while. It is a disadvantage for those students who are in a hurry. If you enjoy looking for the best possible opportunity and can dedicate a solid amount of time on this process, you are going to love this service.


Real reviews abour

A good place for help Most writers are very good and professional but some didn’t put efforts.
Great! Great! I love this site!
Awesome Extremely satisfied! The job was delivered within the timeline given!
Nice Nice verynice cool nice verynice cool nice verynice cool
Good website Good experience, easy to understand, writers are friendly, they have good quality
Awesome Service I have rely on this webpage and their writers for some projects and they all have done a great work.
10/10 10/10 These are the only words that need to be said.
Admission essay editing Ahead of schedule and asked questions for clarifications
Good services The website is easy to navigate and writers are so friendly.
Very good and very fast writers really enjoyed the… Very good and very fast writers really enjoyed the experience

Reason I chose this business:
Because this is the best website available

Used this site before Used this site before. Love the interface, and the service.

Reason I chose this business:
EssayShark always provides excellent services when you need them most.

Great Paper was well written and was delivered on time. I had A on the paper
EssayShark Enslaves so Clients get Grades! Pathetic Place to Work. Tell me why a company would charge so much from clients and slave writers with poor pay. No wonder some clients get poor work. These slavers from Ukraine think they are better. Pay your writers well. Increase the CPP. How the hell can someone work on a paper with a CPP below 10 surely. You pay your writers too little. Be humans. This COVID-19 should do its work on you guys. Just like WriterBay you pay poorly and expect writers to work hard. Rethink your strategies. Pathetic bimbos.
EssayShark enslaves writers so you can get grades! Clients beware.
If you value humanity, order elsewhere. You can still get good websites to order from. All websites from UKRAINE are Vampires that suck the energy off writers.
Essay Vera good and she write good work and she doing what you said
Great work as always, always happy to work with essay… Great work as always, always happy to work with essay shark.

Reason I chose this business:
Needed help with a paper,

Discussions and Papers Great work and lots of contact between writer/ me.
Management It was easy to reach or ask for help and the answer immediately
My favorite web My favorite web. Its a life saver
Bad My account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason my account got locked for no reason

* EssayShark attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

Famous crime Great work this help me understand and get my review passing grade
This site and its writers help me whenever I need them… This site and its writers help me whenever I need them the most.

Reason I chose this business:
I have been using this site for all my papers and it never disappoints.

Very thorough and finished with excellent quality in… Very thorough and finished with excellent quality in a timely manner
Very good Nice work just like what I am looking for…
Amazing Service Essay Shark helped pass every writing assignment with their amazing services.
Papers are well written and completed prior to the… Papers are well written and completed prior to the dead
Decent site Decent site, some workers are easy fast and dependable, have had some issues in the past with others, payments, review and reaching customer service
Aggressive customer service Left a 5/10 review for my writer and customer service harassed me about it. They insisted I work with the writer to edit the paper. They even went as far as to demand my cooperation
Always on time, professional writers and an excellent… Always on time, professional writers and an excellent communication channel

Reason I chose this business:
It allows you to order for writing works even at a 2-hour lead time!

I love it, it is ecatly what is expected and worth… I love it, it is ecatly what is expected and worth every cent.

Reason I chose this business:
I actually was referred by a friend, and have used the service prior. I was satisfied so I did again.

I’m satisfied I ordered papers several times by essayshark. I’m satisfied. Have to say, I provided detailed instruction for my paper, so maybe that was a reason why it was original and high-quality work. 24/7 support also was great.
Best comission for writers Wow I just can’t believe these past few 1 star reviews. It is clear to me that there was some kind of a bot attack on this service? IDK. Anyway, decided to add my two cents here. Essayshark is the most reliable and profitable for me as a freelance writer. I managed to gain the trust of clients and now I have a 9.7 rating and am very satisfied with the money I get. Many thanks!

Tip for consumers:If you are a writer be sure to prove your skill first. Every rejection comes with the feedback from the EssayShark.

These guys rock! User-friendly website, fast, and professional. I used to get help with my dissertation. It was a pleasure to work with the writer. By the way, they have awesome essay samples on their blog. Totally recommend!
Successful experience I can say that I ordered essay a few times at EssayShark and I glad to work with this service. Quick response, good support and quality of work – all this perfectly describes the interaction with the site.
They saved my life Ive always been a responsible student and all of the academic works were done by myself. But afterwards I decided to find a job at the same time with my studying. And as you can imagine, I hadn’t enough time for doing homework. Im a bit embarrassed, but I used the service called essayshark from time to time. Usually I dont write such reviews, especially about this kind of services, but honestly, I would like to let you know about this company that helps you in critical moments of your life. I confirm that essayshark provides high-quality and unique texts. They did it the way that Id have written. Their academic writers are true professionals and always online when I needed some revision of my paper.
I’m satisfied I ordered work on this site for a long time and was pleasantly surprised! Very good essay, well structured, no plagiarism, a good understanding of the topic and, of course, the speed of writing. I definitely recommend EssayShark!

Tip for consumers:Be sure to request a revision.

Non Native Customer Support and Mediocre Writing Quality When initially ordering from EssayShark, I was fairly disappointed with the conversation from customer support. We talked over chat, and I could tell from their responses that these workers were definitely outsourced. They were making several syntax errors, and from a writing service, this is unacceptable. Nevertheless, I ordered a 3 page essay from them for my English literature class, and gave them a week to do it. After receiving the final paper, I also realized that their “Native Writer” was not native at all. I edited 75% of the paper, only leaving some essential elements. Overall, I would not recommend this service to other students.
Formatting Issues My thesis paper had so many formatting issues. Whats the point of hiring online writing services if I have to fill up the gaps myself?
Wastage of money. They have ridiculously high prices for their unprofessional writers! I have wasted my time as well as my money in utilizing their services.
Foolery The site is a scam.
Dont try it at alll
Poor workTook long
Got a D!
Yes a D in an English literature paper
Stay Away Went to them because of a time crunch. Furnished all the research doc and complete instructions from the Professor. Of course by time you check your paper all the way there is no way to make them fix it Trust me better to not turn anything in I received a D- No way to fix it for final which means a D in the class 3.7 student now going down stay away from this
Poor customer attitude and Rude writer Support I have worked with the company for 1 year now, but I am very disappointed in the way ratings change. The moment you’re getting 10 star rating nothing changes on your overall rating as a writer. However, that day that you get a below 10 star rating, the rating changes immediately. Some customer rate you poorly even when you have delivered the best quality work. Secondly, essayshark came up with an evaluation team, where the quality of order are evaluated. The editor will tell you that your level or writing doesn’t meet the academic writing standards yet you have many returning client who mentions that you always deliver the best work. I am beginning to get disappointed everyday.
Thieves They accused me of plagiarism without any proof – no plagiarism report was provided. I have my screenshots of plagiarism check – the paper is 100% original. Moreover, the customer was satisfied and left very positive feedback. But thieves from support team applied a fine in the amount exceeding the price of the order! I worked with them for two years and now I am very disappointed.
Disappointed I have been writing essays for them for less than a year and I am disappointed. Writers get peanuts, while they get rich. Sadly, there are writers all over the world who have no choice but to work even for peanuts. That is why they still have writers applying to get a job on their site. Writers get paid as low as 3-4 $ per page, if deadline is not tight.
There are good writers and bad writers on the site. I am sure most of them completely lack the motivation to provide high quality work due to poor payment. Think about it: how much time do you put in only to get informed on a topic, let alone carefully study academic literature and finally put together a quality paper?… Try to do that yourself and you will see. And after all the effort… you get what? Umm… 5 $ per page!
In three words: modern day slavery!Service
SCAM. RUN RUN RUN You will work for 15 trial orders making them over 1000 usd. Still after, they will pay you less than 5 dollars per page. Modern day slavery. Writers better work for writerbay, uvocorp, and instead of this scam.
Stay Away Terrible experience. The writer tried to cancel my order 3 hours before the deadline, which leaves me no choice but handing in my rough draft. (Yes it is only draft editing) Maybe my experience is only the minority, but definitely not worth a try.
You destroyed my reputation! Ive always been a good student and took essay help only this one time coz I needed to. But you guys made my professor hate me with the quality of the paper. You guys are evil!
WORST I am writing for the company for a year now and I would say the experience I had with the company is worse than those fly by night companies that exist. I love to write, thus the opportunity to work for them was like a dream come true for me. As time pass by, that dream became a nightmare and I cannot keep silent anymore. I believe it was shared before that they were giving writers peanuts as compensation for a very hard job. I cannot forget one time when they tried to penalize me $100 for a $30 paper. I even had a customer asking if she has to pay the full amount of $60 for the order when the price on my end is only $18. But that’s only on the side of my dilemma. I never had a smooth transaction of payments with the company ever since. They have this time frame for writers to send fund requests in addition to the number of days before the request of funds to get approved. The waiting time is too much and was never consistent. So do not surprise if you get troubles with your monthly bills because they do not follow the same calendar and I am not even sure if these people are using calendars. But wait, there’s more. Lately, they are no longer using PayPal as a platform for the transfer of funds. They required writers to use Payoneer where they get $3.00 commission. Mind you, that’s taken off from the peanuts that we writers worked hard for. And surprise, surprise! They are supposed to have all fund requests approved every 5th and 20th of the month, but hey, it’s already 7th of October and my funds are still waiting for approval. What a very nice experience. See how well they compensate writers who feed them.
Wrong assignment They seriously lack management. I hired them to work on a history essay and I got a paper on how velocity works. I think they messed up my order with someone else. Keep it together people. Get your head in the game.
Thumbs down Scammers and thiefs. A racist company exploiting offsea employees. This company swindles from its employees in the name of ‘paying for orders approved’ yet they have all orders approved by the clients and keep the money stolen for themselves. Their customer refund policy is basically a scam and will swindle a client at any time without minding how long you have worked or even brought them work.
Inconsistency The essay they sent me just two hours before deadline was an amazing blend of inaccuracies and poor formatting with no consistency at all. It was such a mess.
Horrible Purchased a paper, that was less than par. I refuse to release the balance to the writer and essay shark refuses to give a refund. Writer had 6 hours to complete my paper, sent back something that looked like a 10 year old wrote it. Money back guarantee is BS and so is this company, save your money, either way you get a failing grade.
Gross writing Whatever they write is as bad as trash. When I saw the papers, I just wanted to tear up the paper into pieces. I didnt get what they guys were up to. Not a single line was of my interest.
Research paper Had this site write a Research paper. Information was factually incorrect. Also conclusion was one line…Beware.
A waste of money I’ve used Essay Shark twice and I’ve been disappointed with the results both times.

The first time I got a paper that wasn’t about the topic I’d asked for. Apparently, I hadn’t highlighted a part of the instructions I gave them beforehand so it was my fault. There’s a box for instructions, I thought writing the instructions in there would suffice, but nope.

Because of their pay to view progress system, I paid for about half of the paper, and then mentioned that the writer had gotten it wrong. I offered some guidance as to what I was looking for and the writer said he/she would make the changes.

I paid for the rest of the essay, found that the changes had been made. I messaged the writer, got no response. Then I got a message from the customer support department telling me I shouldn’t make changes to my essay request mid-way through. Apparently, my guidance had been taken as me changing my requirements. So I was left with a paper I didn’t want and no refund. And to make matters worse, my negative review was removed because it was “unfair for the writer!”.

The second time I used them, I was in a bind and had another site cancel on me last minute. I was given a paper that was about the topic it should have been but it was so poorly written. Really poor English, poor structure in the essay and a pretty boring essay.

So yeah, stay away, they really suck.

Appalling Work Work was delivered 3 weeks early, but no notification had been received. I enquired on the due to date to be told it arrived 3 weeks ago (they send a copy of the paper). The work was a joke. Did not even cover the brief, the writer went off an a tangent writing about everything other than what I asked. No reference to the store, functions or anything else in the brief and when I asked for it to be revised I was told no. They said the paper was written longer than there 14 days revise policy and despite the fact it was early, they would not look at it. Luckily, I paid via PayPal so will be claiming the money back. Seriously, to say it was written by a 10-year-old is generous – the work is very very poor – stay away!
THEY RIPPED ME OFF! SCAMMERS! RE: ”If your account was blocked, all remaining money that was not released in your account will be refunded to you within 5-7 business days. Unreleased payment can always be refunded.

Customers’ accounts are never blocked out of the blue. First each customer is warned. If the customer continues violating our policy, then his account is blocked.”

I can see you’re trying to cover up all the negative comments with your lies. I’m not letting you get away with this!

I was blocked supposedly for ‘cancelling orders without paying the writer’s work’. I emailed support and they said ‘due to security reasons no details will be disclosed’. I NEVER did what I was accused of! You can check my completed orders. But all you give is false excuses.

EVERYONE, don’t let these reps fool you. I have all the emails saved. They are clearly lying by accusing me then refusing to explain. Report Paypal
Essayshark/Bid4papers is a total SCAM! They banned my account for no reason in the MIDDLE of my essay after I paid for the first release. Their reason for ban was cancelling orders without paying for writers work. Through email I compelled them to check my records because I never cancelled an order like that. Then they said due to security reasons no details will be disclosed.

Of course they refuse to refund my first release! Them bastards ripped me off! We should all report Paypal so they can cut them off for good. Lets all team up on this. Paypal will ban them for sure.

Tip for consumers:REPORT PAYPAL

Failed papers time and again! Pros:
– you get to directly choose the writers
– direct communication with the writer
– staggered payment which ensures you only pay if you are satisfiedCons:
– lousy writers (i have tried thrice, thinking that perhaps the first 2 were just due to poor selection of writer)
– there are from the middle east so they aren’t exactly your “native speakers”
Simply a scam. They will threat u that they will publish your own paper They will ask u and urge u to send $$$ for nothing.
Look at the email they sent to threat you:
“we will have to publish the work online for commercial purposes. This may cause your work to be considered as plagiarism if it is already turned in…”
Poor writers and worse assignment service Really bad writers and the worst part they are not honest about their services.
I would stay away from them, the given assignment answers were all wrong.
A totally scam A totally scam. What they say is you don’t pay until you see and satisfy with your paper. That is totally BS. What really happened is you will not see your paper until you pay, and when you paid, it means you satisfy with your paper automatically regardless the equality. Does it sound like a trap or scam to you? Yes it is. And of course they have “money back guarantee” avoid them. Take a look at the response from their customer service. It is self-contradiction.

“When you see that you do not like the first part, you do not have to release the funds for it. Yes, in order to see the whole paper, you need to release payments for the 1st and the 2nd parts. That is how the system works. But you always have a choice of not paying if you do not like it. As it has been already said, by releasing the funds for the first 2 parts you confirmed that you were satisfied with them. And now, as the paper is already on the last part, you cannot cancel it.”

Does it make sense to you? No right? Avoid them!

Tip for consumers:avoid them.

LIARS **w/PROOF** EssayShark is known for committing several scams and the so-called representatives do everything to censor all truths. The last reviewer complained of mistreatment, banning an account for no reason and accusing of false misconduct. Chelsea (or whatever their randomly-generated names are) is constantly trying to censor all reviews with false statements.

The mistreatment are TRUE! I, too, was accused of “cancelling bids without paying the writer”. I never cancelled an order like that in the 10+ successful orders I had. When I contacted their lousy support team they said I was banned for “fraudulent actions”. So EssayShark, you said every customer receives a detailed explanation, right? Then how do you explain THIS: “Due to security reasons no details will be disclosed. Thank you in advance.” This is the response you gave after I asked for reason.

Don’t take my word for it folks; I got PROOF. I have all their emails and took screenshots I will link to in this review. They give similar responses when I mention one of their fraudulent writer who was banned: paul2000. They try to bull$#*! us of choosing “excellent writers” and “constantly monitoring” them. Yet when I mention paul2000, they shut up and ban your account for that.

EssayShark, I will refute all your responses here. You won’t get away with this. Also, I already sent all my evidence to PAYPAL. Everyone else who’s been scammed by EssayShark, REPORT PAYPAL. Once Paypal cuts them off, they will lose their only reliable source of payments and therefore their business.

Tip for consumers:REPORT PAYPAL

Unethical Lunatics For my thesis, I was promised that I will get a PhD writer, who will have ample background knowledge about management sciences, the subject area of my thesis. I think the writer didnt even know the ABC of management sciences and the thing called THESIS. Its really unethical attitude on the part of Essaypedia. I am waiting for my refund.
They Overcharge customers and pay writers peanuts Don’t even think of buying a paper from them. I bought one which had many revisions thereafter only to realize the writer was not the problem but lacked motivation due to poor compensation. I paid $150 for a 10 pages assignment. Guess what? The writer was only paid $15!
Very pathetic and cheating copy pasted results I was shocked to see the result of my order, I could have done a lot better job myself. This site is only to get the money pathetic and cheating copy pasted results. Need my money back please!

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